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How long does it take to ship a product in South Africa?
Answer: 2-3 Days

Do you ship everywhere in South Africa?
Answer: Yes, we ship nationwide.

Do you ship internationally?
Answer: No, not yet. We are working on a solution.

Are the Lash Me Baby lashes cruelty-free?
Answer: Yes.

Do I get a refund should my payment fail?
Answer: Should your payment fail, please email our team here:

Can I buy products in bulk online?
Answer: Yes, you can. For bulk enquiries, email us here:

How can retailers get into contact to stock Lash Me Baby products?
Answer: Should retailers want to stock our products, they can contact our retail team here:

Are there physical stores where I can buy Lash Me Baby products?
Answer: No, but when we do we will provide the necessary information through our various communication channels.

Who do I contact when I want to enquire about Lash Me Baby?
Answer: You can contact our Chief Executive Officer here:

Is buying products on the Lash Me Baby website safe?
Answer: Yes, our website is safe and has a SSL Certificate which protects all your data from being exploited by hackers.

Where else can I connect with Lash Me Baby online?
Answer: Follow us on all social media platforms: @lashmebaby_tg