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Lash Me Baby is an originally African lash brand founded by South African beauty personality, content creator, self-taught makeup artist and entrepreneur: Thandi Gama. Thandi Gama has worked tirelessly to build her personal brand, which has attracted many international and local brands, and a loyal audience that rallies behind.

Now with a highly engaged audience and a well-thought out market and brand positioning strategy, Thandi Gama has embarked on a journey of fusing her passions and entrepreneurial spirit to launch a premium lash product fit for women like her who are go-getters and are comfortable in their own skin.

Lash Me Baby has four products in its range, namely Tease Me, Dream, Fantasy and OMG.
Tease Me: For the lash beginners who need just a tease of lash! this is the perfect beginner length, designed to give you a taste of the lash life.

Dream: If I were to ever dream of the perfect lash for any occasion this would be it. This lash gets fuller at the edges to give your eyes definition.

Fantasy: Every girl’s lash fantasy is to have a length that doesn’t shout too much, with enough flatter to steal the show. This lash will give you an eyegasm!

OMG: For the girl who loves enough drama. This lash is perfect for occasions where you need to stand out!